Business & Corporate Law Attorneys


At Germino, Amaral & Jordan, our lawyers have the knowledge and understanding to help with legal representation in numerous areas relating to businesses and corporations in Los Banos and Merced County. This often complex area of the law includes such things as forming corporations, partnerships, and LLCs, drafting contracts, dealing with contract disputes, Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) challenges, and all kinds of employee/employer issues as well as liability litigation. We can also provide legal advice to new businesses, especially those involved with the general public, on how to keep themselves and their patrons safe and out of court.


- Forming A Company -


Our attorneys are well versed in how to draft and file the legal documents required to form numerous kinds of companies. We provide guidance and advice on what kind of company might be best for you be it a a C Corp., S Corp., LLC, Partnership, Limited Partnership, Not For Profit, Non-Profit 501(c)(3), and more. We are able to follow up with the construction and drafting of the corporate instruments, documents, and filings, needed to get your new business up and running within the laws of Merced County, California, and the United States.


The different kinds of companies that can be created differ substantially in the areas of taxation, ownership, control, structure, fundraising, employee compensation, and governance. It is critical that when you form a company you select the right business structure - one that meets your needs as well as those of the law and any potential shareholders. We may be able to help with this.


- Drafting Contracts -


The lawyers of Germino, Amaral & Jordan are well versed at drafting business contracts of all kinds. We can help your business by drafting contracts in a multitude of areas including sales contracts, purchase orders, warranties, security agreements, employment agreements, non-competition agreements, non-disclosure agreements, independent contractor agreements, confidentiality agreements, employment separation agreements, equipment or property leases, franchise agreements, advertising contracts, indemnification contracts, no-sue covenants, contract assignments, partnership contracts, joint venture contracts, sale of business contracts, and many more.


Creating a proper, legal, and fair contract for your business is not the place for a do-it-yourselfer. The intricacies and legal requirements that your contract may need to include require that a professional attorney do this critical work. Courts and opposing attorneys may someday go over every single line of any contract looking for the tiniest fatal flaw so, in this area, knowledge is king and a professional with an eye to detail who processes deep knowledge of the many laws involved is crucial to writing a legally-binding contract.


- Dealing With Contract Disputes -


At one point or another almost every business or subcontractor becomes involved in some sort of contractual issue which requires the intervention of the legal system to ameliorate. We represent both businesses as well as private individuals who may have a cause of action or have a suit brought against them.


Breach of contract suits can come in innumerable forms and may be filed by a company's clients, vendors, manufacturers, sub-contractors, franchisees, customers, or others who have entered into any kind of agreement or contract with a company.


Contract disputes and breach of contract complaints can arise from all sorts of areas and have the potential to cause financial losses, burdensome litigation, stress, loss of your business, and even, potentially, the loss of personal assets and money if the corporate veil is pierced. Our attorneys are adept at handling such issues and will strive to mitigate the problem in an expeditious manner. In many cases we can keep the issue from going to court and through legal negotiation come to a mutually agreeable resolution while avoiding the expense of a trial.


- Employee / Employer Disputes -


Our law firm has knowledgeable attorneys who deal with labor and employment law. When legal disputes arise out of the course of a person's employment, we can help. We represent companies as well as individual employees or employee groups in disputes of all kinds including civil rights disputes, wage issues, forced arbitration, leave and benefit disputes, harassment, wrongful termination or severance issues, as well as claims of racial, pregnancy, workplace, ethnic, or age discrimination and many other potential causes of action. If you are being sued by an employee or if you are exploring the idea of taking legal action against your employer please contact us.


- Business Liability Litigation-


Germino, Amaral & Jordan lawyers are experienced in the area of business liability. Business liability can be very broadly defined as legal exposure which is incurred during the course of operation of a business, company, or partnership. Liability claims can be made by innumerable entities including consumers, employees, and members of the public. These potential areas of liability can seem endless and include such things as, personal injury, wrongful death, employment law violations, malpractice, contractual disputes, environmental violations, slip and fall accidents, and just about anything else. If you are in need or representation because of a potential business liability claim either as a plaintiff or a defendant, we may be able to help. Please give our office a call to discus your case.


* * *


The above examples are but a small sampling of the kinds of cases that Germino, Amaral & Jordan attorneys are able to handle in the area of business and corporate law. Whether you are an individual seeking redress for a problem caused by a business or corporation or a person representing a business, partnership, or corporation that may be embroiled in a lawsuit, we may be able to provide you with legal representation, advocacy, or advice. Please contact us for a consultation.


Germino, Amaral & Jordan primarily serves Merced County and the Westside. This includes but is not limited to Los Banos, Dos Palos, Santa Nella, Merced, Gustine, Patterson, Firebaugh, Newman, Chowchilla and the rural areas in between.


If you believe that you have need of an experienced attorney who will represent you by helping to sort out contracts or legal disputes of any kind please contact us first. If we are not able to represent you we may be able to direct you to another local attorney who can.