Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Lawyers
in Los Banos and Merced County


The law firm of Germino, Amaral & Jordan is ready to assist both defendants as well as potential plaintiffs with claims for personal injury of all kinds as well as those who have had a loved one killed in a way that would suggest a preventable and wrongful death.


Broadly stated, personal Injury or wrongful death cases pertain to physical and/or psychological injuries which are alleged to have been preventable and were caused by the negligence or wrongful actions of another person or company. Whether you are the injured person or the party who is being accused of causing the injury, our personal injury lawyers may be able to assist you.


Personal Injury cases can arise from alleged negligence or wrong actions that cause any kind of injury and can be the result of things as varied as trips and falls, traffic accidents, bodily assaults, industrial accidents, or anything involving a wrongful death. Personal injury cases seek to remedy economic as well as non-economic damages to a person or company's body, property, reputation, or even their civil rights.



- Vehicle Accidents -


Choosing the right personal injury lawyer after you have been involved in a traffic accident is crucial. Whether your accident involved a pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, truck, boat, RV, railroad train, or a commercial truck or other vehicle, the personal injury attorney that you select should understand the law and what is recoverable.


Whether or not you are a plaintiff (the allegedly injured party) or a defendant (person or company accused of causing the injury) we may be able to help.


Many considerations come into play after a serious auto accident. Determining who was really legally at fault is crucial. Who will pay for the vehicle repairs, medical bills, follow-up medical care, pain and suffering, loss of earnings both current and future, and a myriad of other potential losses requires a lot of effort and sometimes the intervention of the court. If a fatality is involved there may be even more serious causes of action for wrongful death and court awards to a third party can be quite significant.


Our law firm can help you sort all this out. Whether you have been wrongly injured or are accused of causing the injury because of your actions, you should probably contact us us for a consultation on your specific situation.


- Trip and Fall Accident Liability -


'Trip and fall' also called 'slip and fall' accidents may result in injuries that a property owner or a company could be liable for. Thousands of people are injured each year in accidents that may have been prevented. These accidents can result in serious or chronic injuries and may happen on slippery floors, stairways, rough ground, or other surfaces where pedestrian traffic would normally be expected.


Sometimes these injuries are the responsibility of the property owner and sometimes they are not. Millions of dollars are awarded each year to claimants who have gone to court over injuries suffered on other people's property.


If you have been injured while on someone else's property, or if you are a person or company that is being accused of having an unsafe environment that caused someone's injury, you should consult a good personal injury attorney. The lawyers at Germino, Amaral & Jordan have experience in bringing claims as well as defending those accused harboring an unsafe environment. We understand the law and liability issues and are willing to provide legal representation for those wrongly injured or those who have been wrongly accused of causing the injury of another.


- Assault Liability -


When an altercation has taken place and physical force or weapons have been used during the dispute, injuries may result. When the injured person has been hurt illegally, they should be allowed to obtain money in civil court in order to compensate them fully for the wrongful injury which has taken place.


Conversely, if a person is forced to injure another in the course of defending themselves from a wrongful attack, there is no excuse for a wrongful injury civil suit to be brought against them and they need to be prepared to fully defend themselves again in court if necessary.


Our law firm is well versed in pursuing compensatory, nominal, as well as punitive damages to help those who have been wrongly assaulted or battered. We can help get you the medical treatment you require and we can also help in obtaining a proper court-ordered repayment for you injuries and trauma.


If you have been wrongly sued by someone who is seeking to 'add insult to injury' by trying to get money from you after they wrongly attacked you, we may be able to defend your rights and your interest in court. Defending ones self or their family should never result in having to pay someone for the illegal attack committed against them.


If you have been involved in an assault or battery, contact our offices. We may be able to sit down with you and discuss the situation in order to make sure that justice is done.

- Industrial & Agricultural Injuries or Wrongful Death -


Agriculture and industry are big business in the San Joaquin Valley and in Merced County. With large scale farming and large scale agricultural processing equipment come inherent risks.


Our Law firm represents farmers as well as employees of the many industries that are found in the valley, particularly those around the Los Banos area. When a wrongful death or a preventable injury or accident brings the parties to court, we may be able to represent either side depending on the case.


The lawyers at Germino, Amaral & Jordan are able to defend as well as prosecute a wide range of cases of personal injury or wrongful death resulting from industrial and agricultural accidents or failures.


- Other Personal Injury or Wrongful Death Claims -


Our personal injury attorneys are certainly not limited to the above types of cases. We have helped to bring claims as well as defend clients in numerous other kinds of cases. Our attorneys have handled cases that have ranged from psychological injuries to wrongful death, loss of vision, severed limbs, bodily paralysis, broken bones, lacerations, crushing injuries and many others.


If you believe you need to collect money from a person or company because of the wrongful or neglectful actions of another or if you are being sued for an alleged wrongdoing, please contact us for a consultation.


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